WELLSBORO, N.Y. (WENY) -- Some children in Tioga County, Pennsylvania who are victims of abuse may have to travel hours away to access critical services, but a new program could soon change that. 

Construction work is moving along quickly at 16 Water Street in Wellsboro. The former dentist office is being transformed into a child and family crisis center called "Asa's Place." Now, a nationally accredited program called a Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) will serve a critical role for child abuse victims. 

"Tioga County is now getting its chance to have its first. And essentially it takes care and lifts a child abuse victim so that the services that are needed and the different aspects of an investigation are done with as little impact to the child as possible," says Robin Adams, Executive Director of Asa's Place. 

The CAC will provide trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, forensic medical exams, and forensic interviews, all in one location, allowing the services to come to the child. 

"Currently, we travel two hours...to receive these interviews so it's very important to us from an efficiency standpoint, and specifically to help with the trauma for the child because we don't want them to go through more than they're already going through," says Tioga County District Attorney Krista Deats. 

The CAC will also allow law enforcement to more effectively pursue justice. 

"We will be able to have a child in for an interview in a matter of days instead of sometimes, because of the demand, waiting for weeks. So we're going to be able to get things done much quicker, much more efficiently, gather that evidence that we need, and then our officers will be able to better serve our communities," Deats adds. 

Adams says she expects to have staff hired and everything operational for the CAC by July, however, there is still a need for supplies. Asa's Place is looking for children's furniture, chairs and desks for staff, computers, and more. If you are interested in donating supplies or funds, click here: https://asasplace.org/