ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The 19-year-old man accused of hitting and killing a Horseheads couple as they were riding on their motorcycle last summer was back in Chemung County Court for a Huntley Hearing today. 

According to WENY's reporter in the court, two officers, one from the Chemung County Sheriff's Office and one from the Horseheads Police Department, were asked to recall the process they went through when they both arrived on scene of the crash that took the lives of Harolyn and Matthew Matteson in July 2018. 

One of the officers told court officials a bag of marijuana "the size of a golf ball" was found on the ground near the car 19-year-old Caden Charnetski was allegedly driving. 

Multiple people who were passengers in the white sedan at the time of the crash also spoke during the hearing. They claimed everyone had been smoking pot before the accident. 

Additionally, one passenger said Charnetski was driving erratically down Harris Hill after everyone smoked pot near Tanglewood Nature center. A deputy with the Chemung County Sheriff's Office claimed a passenger who was in the backseat of the sedan at the time of the crash told officers they also smoked marijuana in the parking lot of the Arnot Mall after smoking it near Tanglewood. 

Charnetski reportedly claimed he was making a left hand turn onto Westlake Street and did not see the motorcycle; one of the police officers said they asked Charnetski twice if he had seen the Mattesons' motorcycle and both times, he said no. 

The final person to take the stand was a member of the New York State police who gave Charnetski a sobriety test at Arnot Ogden following the accident. In defense of Charnetski, his lawyer claims he wasn't given all 12 steps of the sobriety test for the trooper to make an accurate decision on his condition.

Charnetski is facing multiple charges, including Vehicular Manslaughter in the 1st Degree, two counts of Vehicular Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree and Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs. 

This is a developing story. WENY News will provide updates as they come in.