BATH, N.Y.(WENY)-- Friday afternoon, the Steuben County Sheriffs Office hosted its annual STOP-DWI banquet to recognize their hard working deputies and officers. The banquet was apart of a two-week long celebration for all law-enforcement in Steuben County, including the State Police. Officials told WENY News this is a great way to not only show appreciation for their staff, but it is also a great morale booster. 

"I think that the camaraderie amongst our agency and the State Police, all of the local police departments, as you can here by the laughter in the background, it's a good thing to see them laugh together and celebrate together and do so responsibly in a very positive fashion," says James Allard, Sheriff for the Steuben County Sheriffs Office. 

Numerous officers from the Sheriffs office and the State Police were honored in Fridays Ceremony, but Deputy Matthew Butler was specifically recognized as Steuben County's top enforcer for impaired and intoxicated driving. 

"It means a lot, I know I'm out here making a difference, it's not a big difference but it is a small difference which it does, it feels great knowing that I am making a difference in the community taking impaired and intoxicated off the road," says Matthew Butler, Deputy Sheriff for the Steuben County Sheriffs Office. 

Fridays banquet was also to reinforce to the public what the officers are doing every day to make sure that they are protected. Officials WENY News that they want to make it known that if you are caught driving impaired, even if no one gets hurt in the process, you better be prepared to pay up.

"Most DWI's cost around $10,000.00, by the time a completely adjudicated, all fines are paid, insurance raises are paid, all of that so that 12 pack cost them 10,000 dollars if they make the unwise choice to drive," says Allard. 

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