ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)--Saturday, Community Arts of Elmira launched their "Elmira Infinite Canvas public art season"  to help add to the beautification process in the city. Artists from all over came out to help add some new life and color to the city landscapes.

"It's amazing, just to be able to work with the community, just to be able to have experience, everyone to be able to just look and marvel over the art work and everything. It's just amazing to even have the opportunity to be doing this," says Bailey Grossman, Sophomore at Elmira College. 

The point of this mural fest is to help continue to add life and color to the city in areas you might not expect to see art placed. 

"Taking people out of what they expect to see is a brilliant, beautiful thing. Not everyone gets to travel to other cities to see art or get to go to school to study art but we can experience art by updating boxes and walls and fire hydrants," says Filomena Jack, Artist and Personal Development Coach. 

City officials are in complete support of this project because it really helps brighten up different areas and add new, fresh art to the city scape. 

"With all of the revitalization going down, putting art into the city is a big part of that. Having murals that people can see and enjoy just adds to the city and the revitalization and many thanks to community arts and their efforts to make this a reality," says Daniel Mandell, Mayor of the City of Elmira. 

Community Arts of Elmira is providing all of their art supplies through manufacturers and business sponsors along with foundation grants. With these supplies, some of the artists are doing smaller pieces around the area, where others are doing huge murals. 

"You have to think about public art and a lot more like you are giving a gift to the community. So, it's a gift like going around picking up trash would be for the community, or installing a sculpture somewhere in a public space. It's really something that the public is going to own and hopefully want to have ownership of for forever, for the foreseeable future," says Bradford Leiby, Mural Artist. 

Community Arts of Elmira is always accepting new artist, no matter the skill level. 

"Artist and personal development coach. --I want everyone to Community Arts of Elmira. Everyone can be involved. You don't have to have a BFA, you don't have to know anything about art, we're here to help you," says Jack. 

These artists can be seen working on their art all over the city with in the next month or so. If you are interested in learning more about Community Arts of Elmira, click here.