WAVERLY, N.Y. (WENY) -- One parent of a student in the Waverly Central School District is speaking out after she says her concerns over school bus safety are not being addressed.  

"It's been happening all school year, but in November my daughter had an altercation with a bus driver. It was brought to the school's attention. I backed my daughter up saying that the school buses were out of control -- was asked for proof. I got the proof of them running stop signs and I was told that there was nothing that could be done...we've got a shortage of bus drivers, and it really didn't seem to be an issue," says Amy Simonetti, a parent of a high school student at Waverly High. 

Simonetti took several videos, as recently as April 30th. They appear to show some school buses in the Waverly District braking at stop signs near the high school. 

"Two of the major locations I've seen is one on Waverly Street, there's a stop sign that they blow constantly. The other one is right next to the tennis courts coming outside of the school right after dismissal, and they're blatantly just running it. Some are rolling stops, others are blatantly just rolling right past it," Simonetti explains. 

WENY News reached out to the Waverly Central School District. District Superintendent Eric Knolles provided a statement to WENY which reads as follows:

"Mrs. Simonetti called the Superintendent's Office to make us aware she had video of school buses rolling through stop signs.We recently addressed concerns through the Waverly School District's Department of Transportation, and checked with the Chief of Police in Waverly. The Chief had no concerns with our buses."

Amy Simonetti says now her concerns are growing.

"If they've addressed it back in November, I wouldn't be standing here, I wouldn't have talked to the Superintendent on April 30th. Same issue. He told me there's nothing to be done. The [other] video was well after April 30th, it was actually last week. Still nothing's been done. So if he is reaching out and the bus drivers are aware, they're not taking it serious," Simonetti says. 

WENY News will continue to follow any further developments in this story.