SAYRE, PA. (WENY) -- A program by Guthrie is helping new moms in need connect with nurses in order to get education and support they may be missing.

The Nurse-Family Partnership is a program Guthrie officials describe as a community health home visitation program. Through the program, registered nurses will visit the homes of low-income women who are pregnant with their first child; the nurses then continue to visit until the child turns two. 

The program provides mothers will things like support, education on health and how to be self-sufficient. According to Guthrie the program has three goals: Improving pregnancy outcomes, making sure parents are providing "responsible, competent care so the child develops well" and helping families increase their self sufficiency. 

"It's a very good program to go to and I would recommend it for anyone," says Kristie Johnson, who went through the program. "Especially mothers who, as a I was, (are) completely terrified of being a first time moms...who just need that extra -- well a lot of extra, actually -- support and reassurance." 

The program is offered to mothers in Bradford, Tioga and Sullivan Counties in Pennsylvania. 

To see if you qualify for the program, call 570-268-2372.