CORNING, N.Y.(WENY)--Tad Lesso is 27 years old and has a severe form of autism. Doctors said that he was not supposed to be able to talk and be able to identify other humans. His mother Kim was proud to say that Tad keeps surprising her with new miracles every day. Tad approached his mother one day about wanting a job after seeing his siblings and their friends coming home from college and going to their summer jobs. Kim was able to figure out a way to work with his condition and help him earn his own money. Together, they were able to come up with Tad's Tasty Treats. 

"Tad wants to work, and he wants to earn his own way in the world. Can he do everything? No, does he want to do what he can, yes, and I am so behind that. He's making all the doughs and all the frosting's, I am running to keep up with him," says Kim Lesso, Owner of Tad's Tasty Treats and Tad's Mother. 

Setting up shop at the Corning Farmer's Market, with the help of organizers with the Gaffer District, is just very beginning of a new project Kim is working on for people in and around the community with disabilities. 

"I wrote the president last year and got a letter back from the white house and along the line talked to a cabinet secretary and SBA and they loved this idea of apprenticing disabled people, getting them trained, graduating them and hiring them,"says Lesso.

Kim said she wants them all to be seen as individuals who just work a little differently. And at the end of the work day, Tad is just happy to be working and making others happy. 

"I like making people happy, especially for desserts they love so much," says Tad Lesso, Worker at Tad's Tasty Treats. 

If you would like to per-order any of Tad's Whoopie Pies and or would like to get in contact with Kim to place orders or learn more about her goals with Tad's Tasty Treats, you can visit her Facebook page by clicking here. Or, you can email or call her at (607)684-1173.

If you would like to per-order you can pick up the pies at the market or they will deliver to you!