CORNING, N.Y. (WENY) – Thursday, Corning Incorporated honored those who began their careers with the company decades ago at the annual Service Awards luncheon.

Held at the Corning Museum of Glass, the luncheon recognized four retirees who began their careers with Corning in 1944 and 155 retirees who started their careers in 1969.

Wendell Weeks, Corning Incorporated’s chairman, chief executive officer, and president, hosted the luncheon and told attendees: “You’ve all played a key role in Corning’s success, and we’re honored to recognize you for your service.”

Weeks recounted key events that occurred in the world in 1944 and 1969 and drew comparisons with how Corning operated in those times and today.
“Corning is financially healthy, multiple businesses are driving our growth, and we’re capturing new opportunities to apply our unique expertise toward solving tough technology challenges,” Weeks said. “While our products and markets have evolved since 1944 and 1969, we continue to operate diverse businesses and participate in important industries.”

Each member of the “Class of 1969” was recognized and presented a check $1,000. The ones from the “Class of 1944” were also honored and presented a check for $2,500.

The retirees say they felt honored to be recognized for their work.

“I think I had a great time and they always treated me good at work,” said Concetta Scudder, who started working at Corning, Inc. 75 years ago. “Really, since I first started there, I think I had a very nice job.”

“Having this kind of event to honor people that had put a lot of years into developing this company, it's moving,” said Dave Lyons, who worked for Corning for 34 years.

Class of 1944” 75-Year Members:
Edward Dubnansky, Concetta Scudder, John Sowinski, Thomas J. Yorio.

Class of 1969” 50-Year Members:

Paul E. Atwell, Bruce E. Bacon, Francesco Bagnardi, Ann E. Ballard, Mary Lou Bernier, Peggy L. Bierly, Jeannie G. Bingman, Nanette L. Boucher, David C. Boyd, James T. Bradley, Eldene E. Brill, Bruce W. Brimmer, Mamie J. Brown, Nelson F. Brown, Bendix W. Budelmann, James F. Burns, Barry L. Butler, Paulette G. Caron, Charles L. Caudill, Kenneth D. Caudill, James M. Coning, Jack A. Coombs, Patty A. Curtis, Gilbert T. Cushing, Alice P. Davis, Barbara A. Davis, Cynthia S. Davis, Michael B. Davis, Phyllis J. DeJoseph, Daniel Denny, Phyllis A. Devine, Paul D. Doud, Charles R. Dubbs, Richard H. Eller, Michael H. Emel, Carrie Ella England, Robert A. Enicks, George G. Ewing, Jack T. Flack, Stephen A. Flenner, Ruby L. Flinchum, Nancy L. Foster, Emily L. Foy, Greta J. Frederick, Diane C. Furch, Dorothy J. Gelsinger, Michael J. Giardina, Ronald A. Gibson, William P. Goad, Gerald W. Goodlett, Thomas C. Green, Nellie Gregoire, David G. Grossman, Lula E. Hall, Richard D. Harvey, Martin D. Hogue,  Patricia Houser, Paulette T. Houston, David P. Howard, Myrtle F. Howey, Phyllis A. Hubbard, S. Dudley Huffman, Kathryn L. Immel, Daisy James, Mary T. Jamison, Judy C. Jarrell, Helen W. Jenkins, Andrew R. Kacyon Sr., Seman Kaszczynec, Gordon A. Kemp, Joseph R. Kenyon, Alvin J. King, Richard B. Klein, Donald G. Kochenour, John B. Korte, Donald T. Langhorne Jr., Donnie L. Lawson, Heidemarie M. Lenke,  Richard J. Lewis, Edwin H. Litz, Fred F. Lombardo, Richard W. Ludden, Sandy M. Lutz, James L. Lyons, David G. Lyons, Suann Maio, Joseph A. Mankowski, Cleo J. Martin, Harold R. Matherly, Frederick L. Maurer, Sally M. Mayhew, Betty McIntyre, Edna B. McMillan, Earl C. McRay, Jane M. Milavec, George W. Miller, John C. Mitchell, Sylvia L. Moreau, Barbara A. Morse, Ronald C. Mosher, Judith O’Connell, Franklin D. Owlett, Huguette Paquette, Charles L. Patterson, William H. Perks Jr., Jerry L. Powell, George T. Praskovich, Phyllis Price, James N. Rader, Carol A. Raplee, David G. Rauscher, Billie C. Releford, Kent L. Rhoades, Cyril S. Rice Jr., Elois N. Robbins, Gail J. Rook, Fred E. Rosefsky, John E. Sadler, Charles E. Shade, Helen K. Shaut, Norman E. Shepler Sr., Sadie M. Shore, John C. Simpson, Brenda L. Sims, Stephen G. Skellett II, Jean Skinner, Murl R. Smart Jr., Rex L. Smith, Jerry A. Stimer, William D. Storcks, George W. Strothmann, Nellie L. Stuart, Mary H. Sullivan, Harry L. Swartz, Bruce W. Swope, Marguerite K. Tammaro, Frank L. Thiel IV, Mary Alice Thompson, Arthur Q. Thompson, Robert V. VanDewoestine, Michael L. VanDivier, Donald Vire, M. Gene Votaw, Dennis R. Wade, Madison E. Wade, Donald E. Wait, Barbara A. Walker, Nancy B. Weston, Betty White, Jerry W. Winchester, Valerie J. Winner, Nathan E. Wyatt, Jay R. Young, Timothy S. Yu, Larry J. Zook.