Harrisburg, PA (WENY)— Vice President Mike Pence took a trip to the Keystone State Thursday, speaking at the Pennsylvania GOP State Dinner near Harrisburg. The sold out dinner at the Radisson in Camp Hill Thursday was what the Pennsylvania Republican Party calls the most successful fundraiser in state party history. Vice President Pence spoke for about half an hour, and says Pennsylvania was a key part to their success in 2016, and should be in 2018.

“We need Pennsylvania to lead the way to give America four more years of President Donald Trump,” Vice President Pence says.

Vice President Mike Pence took the stage at the Pennsylvania Republican Party state dinner tonight amid roars of applause. During his half an hour speech, the VP touched on a variety of topics, including the Trump Administration accomplishments, economy, immigration, our military, and manufacturing.

“Under President Donald Trump’s leadership, we’ve seen Pennsylvania create more than 500,000 manufacturing jobs, including 6,000 good paying jobs right here in Pennsylvania,” explains Vice President Pence.

The Vice President constantly talked about re-electing President Trump in the next election, which is only about a year and a half away. The PAGOP Director of Communication, Jason Gottesman, says Pennsylvania will play a key part in the 2020 election.

“We’re going to keep our enthusiasm high not only today, but all the way through election day in November 2020 for the President to make sure he gets reelected and we keep America great,” Gottesman says.

After recalling the past two and a half years, Vice President Pence ended the night with a promise to the Keystone State.

“We will make Pennsylvania and America more prosperous than you could possibly imagine. We will make Pennsylvania and America safer than ever before. And to borrow a phrase: we will make America great again,” says Vice President Pence.

Gottesman for Pennsylvania’s Republican Party say a portion of proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to support two republican campaign committees.