HORSEHEADS, N.Y.(WENY) -- Last summer, Harolyn and Matthew Matteson were killed after they motorcycle they were riding was hit by a car driven by Caden Charnetski.

Charnetski was allegedly driving under the influence of marijuana at the time of the crash. After a number of court hearings,Charnetski's trial will begin next week in Chemung County court.

A worker at a local beauty salon, Hello Gorgeous, decided to make it known to the local community about the upcoming trial. Brittany Nelson was joined by friends and family of the Matteson's in creating signs that read "Justice for Matt and Harolyn". Nelson said she made the signs to remind and inform the public about the trial and to show their support for the Matteson. 

"Our idea came from a bunch of their friends, Matt and Haroyln's friends and family. We wanted to do something to raise awareness  and just put it out there that this is going on. The trial is next Wednesday and we really want the community to  be paying attention to this," says Brittany Nelson, with Hello Gorgeous Salon. 

The signs will be able to be seen displayed in windows and on lawns of local businesses around the community. The trial is scheduled for Wednesday, June 12th at the Chemung County Court. WENY News will be covering the trial and bring you updates on the proceedings.