CANADAIGUA, N.Y. (WENY) -- Four people were arrested after an Ontario County CPS investigation led to 12 cats being taken from a home in Canadaigua. 

According to 13WHAM, Ontario County Sheriff's deputies and Humane Society officers were called to a home following reports of children and animals living in "deplorable conditions". 

The suspects -- 41-year-old Dawn Swan, 67-year-old Darrell Swan, 65-year-old Karen Swan and 46-year-old Jody Ingram -- had all previously been charged with endangering the welfare of a child at the home. 

According to deputies, they found feces, flies and garbage all over the floor inside the house and investigators say there was a "horrendous ammonia smell". 

Investigators say the 12 cats found inside the home needed medical care. Additionally, a dead cat was found in the basement; its cause of death is being determined by a veterinarian. 

"It's bad enough that we deal with tragedy with humans -- the ones that live. We also have to do our due diligence for the animals as well," Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson said. "These animals didn't ask to live like this. They're looking for a home that somebody's gonna love and care for them."

The cats were seized and are being house at the Ontario County Humane Society. 

All four suspects were charged with 12 counts of cruelty to an animal and 12 counts of failure to provide food and water to an impounded animal. They were arraigned in Canadaigua Town Court and released on their own recognizance. 

The home was deemed unsafe and uninhabitable by the Town of Canadaigua Code Enforcement Office. 

Police say two teenagers were living in the home, but are now with another relative.