CANISTEO, N.Y. (WENY) – Residents in Canisteo came together Saturday for the last day of the 2019 Crazee Daze.

Crazee Daze is a three day event put together by the Canisteo Community Support Group. Saturday the event kicked off at noon with a Children's Quarter Mile run. Plenty of young kids were able to start the day with active activity.

Following the run, multiple residents in the village participated in yard sales. All of the donations from this three day event are used to help families in the community throughout the year.

“It's really for socialization, get the community out there and get them away from televisions,” said Monica Recktenwald, Mayor of Canisteo Village.

Friday night an adult fun run fundraiser took place for Trooper Nicholas Clark. The run was put together by Outback Liquor and Wine and raised $4,113. The money raised will go to the Patriot park for renovations, which is know known as Trooper Clark Park. Renovations will include a monument in Clarks honor.

Saturday afternoon from 2-6 p.m there will be a BBQ happening at the local park.