ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)-- After announcing back in March that they would no longer be selling commercially raised puppies, Sondra's CityZoo held their official grand re-opening Saturday, where they announced their partnerships with local shelters and rescues. Sondra's is the first pet store in New York to transition from selling commercially bred dogs and puppies to exclusively adopting out dogs and puppies from local shelters. They made this transition because they want to help start the movement in New York of ending puppy mills and back yard breeders. To do this, Sondra's partnered up with Tanner's Paws and Animal Care Sanctuary. 

"Stores like Sondra's CityZoo is doing an amazing job of converting over to where instead of supporting the puppy mill industry or back yard breeders, she's working with shelters and rescues where these animals in some cases may not, you know, get an adoption, so again, we want to support stores like this that are doing this wonderful wonderful work," says John Moyer, Outreach Program Manager with The Humane Society of the United States.

Sondra's is now officially back open and ready for business. If you would like to visit, you and check out the store, you can find their hours of operation and more about the store here.