ELMIRA, N.Y.(WENY)--After about a month of continuous hunting, the hunt for the golden shoe challenge has officially ended for the year! Saturday, the event concluded at Tanglewood Nature Center where there was one last hunt for numerous shoes, and opportunities to go around the nature center visiting the animals and walking the trails. The Golden Shoe Coalition has made it their goal for the past 20 years to promote getting out and visiting all 13 parks that Chemung County has to offer. About 400 shoes are place in the parks, over a span of about a month, for locals to go out and hunt for and then claim their prizes. But this year, officials heard the community when they said they were having trouble finding the shoes, so they made extra opportunities to win prizes. 

"So this year for the first time, we did a lot of things where kids could go to the parks for walks and we would give them prize tickets because what we want people to do is to get out to the parks and be active. So we've tried to give people inventiveness to do that," says  Dawn Bush, Public Health Coordinator. 

Even though the event is over, officials would like the public to still make it out to any of the 13 parks this summer and enjoy everything they have to offer.