CORNING, NY (WENY) -- Later this month we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. In celebration of this tremendous accomplishment, the Corning Museum of Glass has set up a special display dedicated to it.

On July 20th, 1969 NASA astronauts landed on the moon for the first time and did you know glass played a vital role in the ability to land on the moon? 

"There are three really cool is glass was used in the spaceship itself. Vicor, was a glass that was developed by Corning Glass Works. Right here in Corning," Ann Campbell, Marketing and Communications Manager at CMOG.

Glass was also used in the suits the astronauts wore, and this glass was vital to space travel.

Campbell says, "The protective gear that the astronauts were wearing included fiber glass. That was a really key technology developed with glass that made man space flight possible."

Also, parts of the lunar material is glassy. If you visit, you can actually see that lunar material and even feel the glassy surface.

"The third thing that we learned was that the actual material of the moon, the lunar material is glassy in surface. In our exhibition, visitors can come and touch pieces of lunar meteorite and see through a really cool microscope how the glassy material looks under the lens," says Campbell.

Adults who live in the area can visit for $10, while children and teens are free every single day at the museum. For more information on the exhibit please click here.