TIOGA COUNTY, N.Y. (WENY) -- The Tioga County Property Development Corporation (TCPDC) has identified 12 problem properties in the Villages of Waverly and Owego.

With an award of $500,000, TCPDC will start the work in elimination of slums and bight by demolition of six properties in Waverly and three properties in Owego.

TCPDC was set up with the purpose of addressing Tioga County's inventory of distressed, vacant, abandoned, underutilized, and tax-foreclosed properties.

"This program will encourage economic growth instead of allowing deterioration," TCPDC and Tioga County Legislative Chair Martha Sauerbrey said. "It will help address the safety and health of our residents while stabilizing and transforming our neighborhoods."

Land banking began in New York following the passage of the New York Land Bank Act in 2011, which authorized the creation of land banks as a tool to address the impacts of property vacancy, abandonment, and foreclosure across the state.