WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WENY) --  PBA Bowler, Kyle Troup brought his A -game to Watkins Glen International this weekend to face some fans in bowling. Troup is the 2019 representative for Go Bowling at the Glen, a partnership with NASCAR, kicking off the big Thunder at the Glen race weekend. 

Since the age of three, bowling has been Troup's dream. "I've dedicated my life to this. I've been bowling for a living for three years and the work that I've put in, in just the last three years alone to try and take the next step to the elite level...In the past year I'm really learning that it's a lot of hard work, but I'm noticing the hard work paying off and it feels good," said Troup. 

Not only is Troup known for his talented skills but his funky fashion choices, which he learned from his father Guppy Troup who was a professional bowler in the 80's.

"I'd say I learned a few things from him including my styles. He brought the wild clothes into bowling as well and I definitely have to credit him for a lot of my success," said Troup.

Troup is one of the many PBA bowlers that bowls with two hands. "It's the new revolution of the sport. A lot of younger kids can see more movement of the ball, more hook with two hands. It's a lot easier for some. we create more power on the lanes and a lot of people are winning on the PBA tour and people think it's cool.