(WENY) -- The United States legal system operates under stare decisis, which is the legal principle of determining points in litigation according to precedent. There may be some statues which operate outside of that precedent, however for the most part, the laws in America began when the country began. 

In this week's edition of Counsel's Corner, we examine the appeal process, specifically in New York.

New York is different than most states, which typically have the trial court level and the appellate court level. New York has three levels. New York State is divided into four departments, based on a numeric scale. Chemung County sits in the Third Judicial District (parts of the county sit in the Fourth). 

When a person or litigant feels they have an appeal, a filing is made to the appellate divisions, asking for the right to have the case heard. 

Ziff Law Firm Partner, Christina Sonsire, explains the types of cases which may be heard and offers insight into the overall appeal process in New York State.