ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- As of today, residents in the city of Elmira will now be able to chose their cable provider. The Elmira City Council met today to discuss many ordinances, and one of those ordinances included whether or not to allow Empire Video Services Corporation to start working within the city.

The council voted unanimously to allow Empire Access to extend their business within the city limits. We caught up with the city mayor after the meeting to discuss why this ordinance had to go through council approval, and how he feels about Empire Access for the citizens of Elmira.

Daniel Mandell said, "We as a council tonight had to vote on this resolution to approve a franchise agreement. Anyone that wants to conduct business in the city such as a cable company or a telephone company, has to sign a franchise agreement. So, what this does today it approves them to start working within the city's limits."

Mandell is also very excited for the city of Elmira as this gives the citizens another choice for a cable provider.

"Empire Access will give our citizens a choice other than Spectrum for cable T.V. It's a great deal for the citizens and the city of Elmira and we are happy to approve that tonight," said Mandell.

The mayor also went on to say that leading officials from both, Elmira and Empire Access, had to come to an agreement in order for Empire to begin working in the city. Empire Access will now begin working within the city immediately.