ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- On Tuesday, the Chemung County Legislature and City of Elmira officials presented their plan to the public on how to attack the deficit. After reviewing the recommendations, Chemung County Executive, Chris Moss, says he has concerns that need to be looked at on the county level. 

"We have an aging infrastructure with roads, bridges, and culverts on the county roads," said Moss. "We have a nursing facility that has a financial, structural issues of millions of dollars per year. That's really deteriorating our fund balance quickly. We have a payroll that's just with collective bargaining agreements is over a million a year to the county."

In a release issued early this afternoon, among other issues, Moss also cited a multi-million dollar sewer system upgrade and escalating employee health insurance costs as two more big problems the county faces. 

"The five issues that I have are budgetary issues that we need to worry about for 2020 and beyond," said Moss. "So if we're going to increase the sales tax and generate more revenue in Chemung County, we can't automatically say we can do these ten things when we have these five outstanding things here at the county that we're responsible for as well."

The County Executive says he looks forward to sitting down in a smaller group and trying to figure out what recommendations are feasible. He also cited the other municipalities across Chemung County that may also need assistance, which also need to be taken into consideration.

WENY News has since learned through County Legislator, Christina Sonsire, that Moss issued all committee members a letter, terminating the committee effective immediately. The letter did not elaborate as to why, but it did make note the committee was temporary. It also pointed out that last night's meeting was not held at the request or on the behalf of the County Executive.