ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - Within the next month, students around the Twin Tiers will be heading back to school, and getting back into that school routine is not only crucial but it can help make a difference for your child.  

William George, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Arnot Health says the first thing parents can do is try and get their child's bedtime adjusted, that includes having them go to bed earlier and getting up earlier. 

"Trying also then to limit how much screen time they have available, especially as the evening approaches and trying to really wind down more appropriately," says George. 

George says parents should also look at ways to help stimulate the child's mind and refresh on the skills they learned almost three months ago, that includes reading and going over math skills. He says other things parents should consider are coming up with routines inside the home. 

George added, "So having a structured dinner time would be helpful. Also structure with lunch time, so kids get acclimated to the hour time they get to eat during school or the normal routine of when they get home from school, when they do homework or when they're about to have dinner time." 

George says a structured routine will help make the transition easier for the child, and can help reduce any stress or anxiety they're having about starting a new school year. 

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