The inaugural summer concert series aimed at helping the Arctic League of Elmira kicked off around 6:30.

The fundraiser was hosted at the Elmira Heights Theater on 14th street. A number of artists performed including Dennis James, Pat Kane and Ed Clute. All the money raised Wednesday evening goes directly to the Arctic League.

The Arctic League is a non-profit that aims at help the less fortunate. Each year, they set a goal on money they hope to raise. Through the generosity of residences, they've been able to meet their goal every year. The money is then converted into toys and gifts that are handed out to children that are less fortunate throughout Chemung county on Christmas Day.

Doctor Stephen Coleman said this first summer concert series is the start of many. He sites the turnout and the number of people that came to watch the various performers. But also that, its a chance to raise awareness for the organization and help those less fortunate.

“It's a concert in the summer to raise money for the kids this winter. Somebody just asked me what is the Arctic League? And the Arctic League has desisted for over 100 years in Chemung County. And the Arctic league raises money to give toys to give to kids for Christmas that wouldn't otherwise not have any toys.” said Dr. Coleman.

The Arctic league accepts donations all year long. For ways that you can donate head over to their website: