ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)--After a study was conducted and numbers were sorted through the Tompkins County Legislature declined the proposal for a joint- safety building.     

"It's rare that a law enforcement agency shares common culture with another. Those differences in management style and policy as well as the difference between the pay scale and benefits and the different unions that represent the IPD and the Tompkins County Sheriff's Office suggests that there will be some real clashes," says Deborah Dawson, Tompkins County Legislature, 10th District. 

Not only would the two facilities not mesh well but it would cost even more to conduct the second study to figure out how to get all of the moving parts to work together. 

"We've already spent around 20 thousand dollars with just an initial study and they noted five different locations. The main location was not a good site. 20-thousand dollars was spent and this proposed study would be 100- thousand dollars," says Shawna Black, Tompkins County Legislature Vice Chair, 11th District. 

"The idea of moving our Sheriff's department into a location that wasn't convenient to the majority of the calls, I think it really made sense for us to not move forward in the process  because not only are we talking about just a study, it also encompasses our staff time as well as the staff time of the Ithaca Police and the Sheriff's Department,"says Black.

As of right now, there are no further updates with what IPD plans on doing moving forward.