PAINTED POST, N.Y.(WENY)-- For the past 7 years, CareFirst, non-profit group, sponsors and hosts the "Garden of Fire Festival" celebrating the end to a successful summer of learning and fun activities Steuben youth groups. 

"The festival is a way for all of the four youth centers to come together and meet each other and talk about the experience they have had individually with other youth in the county," says Amy Ruzi, Youth and Family Programs Educator at The Rockwell Museum. 

Throughout the summer, numerous sponsors team up with these youth groups to help provide fun activities to do that will not only entertain them, but also keep their minds active. 

"Garden of Fire is the name of this program, it focuses on integrating arts and science experiences into the summer-long program. So we're trying to get STEM changed to STEAM by incorporating the A in there for arts and it's all about bridging that gap between summer learning while kids are out during the summer months, we want to continue engaging them," says Ruzi. 

This years theme for the groups and festival was "motion." Throughout the summer, kids were given different activities to do that would combine science and art together. Friday evening, to combine the two, sponsors brought arts and crafts, live animals, and other products for kids to touch and work with while learning. 

"The youth in our community really need to have opportunities like garden of fire to be able to explore with their senses and get to better experience things like art and science and wellness and just be able to kind of be kids but also be learning new things and things that may not be presented for them throughout  the school year," says Chelsea Ambrose, Director of Patient Care for Care First. 

The youth programs are over for the summer but for those who would like to learn more and get involved next year, you can click here for their link.