The Rockwell Museum, together with the Corning-Painted Post School District’s High School Learning Center (HSLC), will begin work on its latest collaboration: an outdoor mural painted in the alleyway outside Carey’s Brew House in Corning’s Gaffer District. On-site work is scheduled to begin from 10:30 – 1 p.m. August 13, weather permitting. A celebration will take place when the mural is complete, which is scheduled for 5:00pm – 6:00pm on September 26.

The piece, entitled Transcendence, will contain elements of individual paintings created by students from the HSLC. Designed by HSLC graduate Brad Leiby and inspired by the Santa Clara Pueblo artist Tammy Garcia, the mural will tell the story of each student’s future hopes and dreams, reflecting on their place within the community.

“These murals that appear throughout Corning beautify our streets, but they also represent hours of collaboration and meaningful artistic experience for the students of the High School Learning Center,” said Amy Ruza, Youth and Family Programs Educator at The Rockwell Museum. “The Rockwell values this partnership because we understand the role of art in a quality educational experience.”

Garcia’s work highlights traditional Pueblo symbols and incorporates personal elements reflective of her family and the world around her. Her bronze sculpture, titled Harmony, is on long-term loan to The Rockwell thanks to support from James B. Flaws and Marcia D. Weber.

Student paintings reflected stories of their personal lives and included symbols connected to their identities, representing challenges, choices, protection, fragility, growth, transformation, mental well-being and potential for the future. The individual paintings are on view at The Rockwell through September 8.