BATH, NY (WENY) -- Well it's almost that time of year again. Every parent's favorite "unofficial" holiday. School is right around the corner and one local district is making sure their students are prepared.

On Wednesday August 21st from 9 to 11 in the morning in the Haverling High School Cafeteria -- students will be able to get free school supplies just in time for the new school year. All sorts of supplies will be available, from backpacks, pencils, and even glue sticks. We spoke with the Superintendent of Bath Central School District on how they came up with the idea.

"This is something from our friends from Can-Pack down in Penn Yan. They contacted us last year and they have been doing some fundraising with their employees with a focus to not only get the Penn Yan areas but the other schools in this region school supplies for those in need. So last year they brought in everything, a truck load of backpacks, pencils, pens, you name it, it was here," said Joe Rumsey, Superintendent of Bath Central Schools.

This event is helping those students create "normalcy" within the community.

Rumsey also said, "The economy in this area obviously isn't the greatest. Our community has been hit very hard by closing of factories and a lot of folks on hard times the are using social services. So, the one thing that people don't realize is some of our kids are going home to some pretty un-normal situation and the normalcy is here at school."

Any student from Pre-K to 12th grade is allowed to come in and receive supplies as well as parents of students. If you would like to help out and keep this event running Rumsey says to contact the school district and he will get you in touch with their community liaison, Genie Wheeler, and she will then make sure those donated supplies get tot the students in need.