ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- For over 20 years, Reds place has been in business right off of the Ithaca Common's providing a fun twist on all American classics.What makes this place special is the rich amount of family history associated with it.

"This history of the restaurant is kind of neat to my family because it's named after my late grandfather, his nick-name was Red, and when he passed right before we opened, we decided to change the name that we originally planned to go after Red's place which is just a little tribute to him," says B.J. Bliss, Owner of Red's Place.

B.J. explained that his restaurant is unique compared to others because when he changes his menu around, he asks all of his staff members their opinions of what they should serve and even uses some of their recipes they bring to him.

"The team in the kitchen does a fantastic job. We rotate our menu every three months which I think is a really neat thing. So every quarter, people who dine with us are seeing new things. New items, new seasonal produce and things like that so we'll start to focus that for the fall as well," says Bliss.

Because of the compassion of not only owner of Red's but his whole staff,  the Tompkins County Chamber chose this restaurant to be their first recipient of the 'We think your Gorges" award.

"I've been in business now for 22 years and have been with the chamber since day one and the things that they do not only promoting you know the tourism and the county and the town and Ithaca is gorges and all of the little catch phrases that we have for Ithaca, it's just a great resource for building a business, maintaining your business and then partnering with them on different things and to receive this award is really truly amazing," says Bliss.

If you would like to check out Red's Place for yourself, you can click here for their menu and location.