BARTON, N.Y. (WENY) -- With demand for CBD and hemp related products on the rise, a new 100,000 square foot hemp processing facility is coming to the Town of Barton.

The soon-to-be completed facility will be located on Broad Street. It was given the green light by town officials on Thursday night. The vacant building was already purchased by "High End Multi Processing", along with the necessary equipment needed.

According to planning board documents, the new facility will initially create 70 new jobs, and is expected to expand into a 24/7 operation employing 100 people.

Jeff Luciano, the CEO and Founder of High End Multi Processing, explained, "The purpose of this facility is to process CBD industrial hemp into a variety of CBD types of ingredients, that will then be sold to manufacturers around the United States for use in various types of retail product."

He added, "We're very excited to be part of Tioga County. We have a processing facility already here in Tioga County and we're very excited to expand operations here and to bring a lot of opportunities, both economic opportunities for farmers and good quality jobs to the area and really boost up Tioga County as a whole."

With the approval to move forward, "High End Multi Processing" will begin renovations -- with the hopes of the facility becoming operational this fall.