ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)--Built from scratch, sitting on the Keuka inlet in a large parking lot, the Cherry Art Space has been available for artistic and creative use for about three years now. 

"The Cherry Art Space is a flexible venue for arts and performance and also for all kinds of events, community events, business events. Basically we host a lot of artist organizations. It's a super flexible space so it can be what you need it to be," says  Samuel Buggeln, Artistic Director of the Cherry Arts Space. 

At first glance, the building seems to be just like any other big office space with a large cherry on the side. But when you step inside, it is a place where the real world is cut off and the arts take hold of your sights. 

"In a sense, a big empty box with a lot of character. But so if you are a sort of business organization and you want something that feels less corporate or you're an arts organization and you want something that you can really tailor to really specific artistic needs, we have a lot of possibility. I would say we're the house of possibility," says  Buggeln.

Because of the art spaces unique ability to cater to Tompkins county in away that many other theaters and spaces are unable to,  the Tompkins Chamber selected the Cherry Arts Space to receive their " We think you're Gorges" award,

"We're so grateful and so thankful that the Chamber thought of us, thought of us first when they were thinking of people to reach out to, it's really lovely," says   Buggeln. 

For more on the Cherry Arts Space and any upcoming events they have, you can click here