HORSEHEADS, NY (WENY) -- Traveling in and out of a school zone can be a bit of a headache at times, but one local school has taken the initiative to make it easier and safer. We visited Horseheads Middle School to find out more about what they did to the roadway and why it was necessary. 

Senator Tom O'Mara and other central school district officials attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and were very excited about the new traffic pattern for the school.

"Safety. Backed up traffic. Coming and going to the school, both to and from school each day as well as the many sporting events that are held here. Traffic was often backed up for a long ways, causing problem for multiple people coming and going to school but also the residents in the area that traverse this area daily," State Senator Tom O'Mara said.

This project has widened the entrance to the Middle school and has created turning lanes for drivers. The funding was secured by Chemung County and was in the works for three years before being deemed complete today.

We also spoke with the Superintendent of Schools for Horeseheads on how he believes this will increase driver safety around the school.

"There will less risk of passing on double yellow lines, or pulling off to the shoulder to be courteous, letting somebody through, but by having the turning lanes and asking our public to maintain the vestige of good traffic patterns we will have a much safer arrival and dismissal from school. Only time will tell but we have great faith in our community that they will adapt," Dr. Thomas J. Douglas, Superintendent of Schools for Horseheads CSD.

Superintendent Douglas also told me that he would like to thank State Senator Tom O'Mara for his work.