ITHACA, N.Y. (WENY) – Ithaca police say they found what appeared to be a mobile meth lab while investigating reports on an armed robbery at a homeless encampment referred to as “The Jungle”.

On Monday, police say they responded to the area, which is adjacent to Fairgrounds Memorial Parkway, for those armed robbery reports.

The victim reportedly told police he had been robbed at knife and gunpoint. During the investigation, officers were able to identify potential suspects.

A short time later, officers found those possible suspects, who were reportedly found to be armed with machetes and a BB gun that looked like a real handgun. Those possible suspects' identities were not revealed at this time.

Officers say they also uncovered what appeared to possibly be a mobile meth lab. Due to the potential hazards associated with meth labs, IPD was assisted at the scene by the New York State Police CCSERT Unit, Bans Ambulance and the Ithaca Fire Department.

Police say at this time, evidence is being reviewed and the investigation is continuing.