Elmira, NY (WENY) -- The Ill Eagle Tap House officially opened its doors to the public and customarily cut the ribbon. The new bar is slated to breathe new life into an old building in Elmira that is over a century old.

The new Tap House is right on the ground floor of the historic Federal Building at 200 Church Street. They have over 36 beers and 12 wines on tap. The owner, Nick DiFasi said the ribbon cutting was over 2 years in the making.

Ill-Eagle Tap House is Elmira's newest attraction. As craft beers continue to be more popular, Ill Eagle Tap House is over over 3 dozen beers many being exclusively New York State Brewery’s, like Upstate Brewery, Liquid Shoes, and Southern Tier. The craft beer trend may be new, but the building isn't. It sat vacant for years after being built in 1902.

“It has really been vacant for decades and it needed a lot of work just to get it functional.” said DiFasi.

Owner Nick DiFasi and Ryan Wieder managed to buy the building from the city of Elmira back in 2017. Since then they've been working until the moment they could finally cut the ribbon. But it wasn't just a joyous occasion for the owners. Revitalizing the old historical building was a dream shared by Elmira Mayor Dan Mandell. One of his major projects that he wanted to get done since taking office was getting someone inside the old building and bringing it back to life. It was a plan, backed by the city manager and the city council.

“It was a no brainier for the city council and the city manager and myself to say yes we will sell it to them. And they've really made this grow into a new building that has a lot of life to it.” said Mandell.

Ill Eagle is known for giving customers a fun, unique experience. The Tap House's uniqueness includes a billiard room, 2 private rooms complete with leather couches and cable TV plus Cornhole. And of course endless beers and wines.

“We've got 36 taps, we have a 'Pour my Beer' system which is unique to the area.” said DiFasi.

Pour my beer is easy. It's a cashless pay-by-the-ounce system. A customer simply put a preloaded card into the card reader on the side of one of the various taps. They then proceed to make a selection of a number of beers and pour. Each card can hold up to 2 beers. After getting 2 beers a customer simply has to go back to the bar to get the card re-activated to pour again.

Like the card, the bar could reactive a once vibrant downtown Elmira.

“We have a full restaurant. We're going to be open from lunch through dinner and we just wanted to create a fun social atmosphere.” said DiFasi.

Though the ribbon being cut symbolizes a completion, Ill Eagle Tap House isn't fully soaring. The old building will see it's share of new acts as bands and live music plus private events and happy hour are expected.

“Hopefully they'll be having other entertainment here in the future so they can enjoy that but it's just another reason to stay and hang out and help build up the local economy.” said Kamala Keeley, the President and CEO of the Chemung County Chamber of Commerce.

The beer and wine selection will change weekly.

They're open 11:00 to 9:00pm Monday through Thursday. 11:00pm to 10:pm, Friday and Saturday. And Sunday they're open 12:00 to 7:00pm.