ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- At the end of August, it was announced that four different Upstate firehouses would be receiving federal funding and the Ithaca fire department was on that list. They received $169,730 which they are going to put towards updating very important equipment. 

"We're very thankful that we've got this grant for exhaust extraction. So we hook these tubes up to our fire trucks so when we back into the station, all of the exhaust, all of the carcinogens, all the particulates get sucked right out and blown outside apposed to being into the place where we work and we operate," says Lt. Thomas Basher, City of Ithaca Fire Department. 

Basher told WENY News that the exhaust system they have installed currently are roughly over 20 years old, so this is a much needed update. 

"This makes a huge step for us to keep going. We started it back 20 years ago or so with the original systems and the systems served its purpose well and now it's time to update it. So this grant is going to go to replace the extraction systems in all the firehouses," says Basher

The Ithaca fire department has more than two fire houses throughout the city, which means all of those are in need of exhaust updates due to the fact they were all installed around the same time. 

"So we have four fire stations, two in the town two in the city serving each hill and downtown in the city itself and each one will have extraction systems set up so whatever the vehicles are, they can hook up to them and the exhaust will be pumped outside," says Basher. 

The Fire Department expects renovations to being with in the next few months.