ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- At Sea Change Chiropractic and Massage therapy, they believe that psychical health should be an important part of anyone's day to day life. Their goal is to help as many people as possible feel better and do what they love in the Tompkins county Community. 

"I started Sea Change Family Chiropractic here in Ithaca 10 years ago and we've been working in the Community helping people. Everyone who walks through our doors obviously we want to help restore health and hope to them, all them to do the things that they want to do with the people that they love," 

Before they are able to start helping their clients, they like to make sure it is understood that their practice is to not only physically help them, but to reinforce how the client is helping themselves in the big picture. 

"So part of what we're trying to do is uplift the overall health of our communities. So again, that happens on a grassroots level sharing information with one another and putting that emphasis  on what we can do for ourselves for our health. To be able to be part of the fabric of the community is always what I wanted and to know I'm making a difference in peoples lives, not just who walk through our doors, but also the out reach that we do, the education that we do and the partnering that we do with organizations like the Chamber of Commerce," says 

Because of this community bond and dedication, the chamber has chosen Sea Change to be another recipient of the we think you're gorges award.     

"They're really dedicated to helping local businesses, there by, you know helping the local economy and providing a better link between the services available particularly for me in the health care field with the local community," says