ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - After being vacant for years, a monastery in Chemung County will soon be put back to use.

On Monday night, the Town of Elmira Planning Board approved the "School of Good Works" proposal to purchase the former Dominican Monastery, located on Church Street. For roughly a year now, the "School of Good Works" has shown a big interest in the vacant and former Dominican Monastery. The school originally submitted their application back in December. After months of working with the Elmira Town Zoning Board and County Board, they finally were approved Monday night by the town to purchase the facility.  

"There's still some formalities that need to be done through the court system for the purchase of the property. Then as you heard tonight, there are some renovations that need to be done to bring the property up to code. So we will be doing that over the next couple of months," says Joe Works, President and Founder of "School of Good Works." 

Works says after seeing the facility, he knew this was the perfect place for all of his future plans. 

"We're wanting to use the facility two weeks a year to have what you might think of as a bible camp. It's more like a school, pretty intensive studies, about 10 hours of structured activity everyday for those two weeks. One week for young men, another week for young women," says Works. 

Works says in addition to that, the school would like to have a few different retreats on the weekend for men, women, kids and couples. He says the Twin Tiers Christians would also use this facility for worship on Sundays, with members of the bible study meeting on Thursday nights. 

The "School of Good Works" says once they get the renovations done and receive code approval, the church will then begin meeting at the facility. They're hoping this happens within the next couple of months.