(WENY) -- As plant-based meat alternatives grow in popularity, the Center for Consumer Freedom is putting in a concerted effort to make sure consumers know what is in their food.

According to Mintel, 46 percent of Americans agree that plant-based proteins are better for you than animal-based options.

"But consumers should know that imitation meat is highly processed and in some cases has more calories and sodium than the real thing," the center's managing director Will Coggin said. "'Plant-based' meats are made in industrial facilities, not gardens."

To get this message across, the Center for Consumer Freedom ran two full-page ads in major publications, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post. The center is a public relations group that has done work for food companies, restaurants, and other special interests, including the meat industry.

The ads include information on the ingredients of "real" meat, in contrast with the longer list of ingredients for plant-based alternatives.

This, as the plant-based food industry is experiencing incredible growth, with sales up by 20 percent so far in 2019.