ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The row of vacant, dilapidated buildings on Lake Street in Elmira are still on track to have a breath of new life in the coming years. The project is being developed through Arbor Housing and design-team Elise-Johnson Schmidt. 

The plan is to have 28 apartments, mostly 1-bedroom with mixed use space in other parts of the building, including gallery space for artists. The cost of the project is about $9 million, but a recently secured grant will offset those expenses.

"So if we close in the next week we get into construction in maybe a month and then it would be a year-long project so we'd be leasing up the fall of 2020," says Jeanne Glass, Project Manager with Arbor Housing. 

While it will still be some time before the new building takes form, officials say it will be exciting to see the transformation for that area of Elmira; especially coupled with the planned construction for the lake street pedestrian bridge.