ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- GreenStar Cooperative has decided to speak out after receiving numerous questions following a recent news article and interviews about allegations against their store over employees' efforts to unionize.

"The claim that GreenStar is an at will employer, we absolutely are not an at will employer. Actually our staff are protected by  a progressive disciplinary process and a grievance process in our procedures," says Brandon Kane, General Manager of GreenStar Cooperative.

There have been talks since this past June that  some employees are considering forming a union. They claim the Co-Op is against their employees forming one, but GreenStar says otherwise.

"Again to reiterate our support to the democratic process and our support of our staffs absolute right to organize and that we would recognize a union if the majority of our staff voted for that in a secret democratic ballot," says Kane. 

Those who are speaking out against the Co-Op submitted claims accusing GreenStar of a number of labor charges, which GreenStar disputes as false.

"One of the major significant claims made by the organizers is that we were found guilty of three labor charge violations by NLRB. In fact there was originally seven filed, four were immediately dismissed, three remain outstanding. GreenStar maintains and stands that those are untrue allegations and they will be going to hearing," says Kane. 

WENY News reached out to the NLRB, National Labor Relations Board,  and the regional director said there was reasonable cause to conclude that labor laws have been violated, in which they asked GreenStar to settle, but no further actions have been taken at this time. 

You can click here for GreenStar's message to the public regarding the allegations and on going disputes.