MONTOUR FALLS, N.Y. (WENY) -- Over the past three days, around 50 professionals have gone through intensive training on how to handle propane emergencies.  

"They learn everything from the basics of propane, how it acts in different situations," New York Propane Gas Association executive director, Bruce Whitney. "To how to deal with a propane tank that might have a small leak, or any kind of a breach in it. To save lives, save property, and create a situation where the tank can be removed and brought to safety."

The training is put on by the New York Propane Gas Association every year, usually in the fall, at the New York State Fire Academy in Montour Falls. Afterward, participants receive a certificate and an ID card that's good for 3 years. With the price ranging from $75 for a refresher course, and up to $250 if you're staying at the academy. Experts say the facility in Schuyler County offers something not found anywhere else in the state. 

"This particular one at the facility in Montour Falls is a little unique in that we have a tremendous full-time fire suppression facility and emergency facility here," said Whitney. "So it gives them hands on to a little bit more than they might when we take this on the road to fire companies in other locations."

If you're looking to take the course yourself, you can visit the New York Propane Gas Association's website here