CORNING, N.Y.(WENY)-- The Chancellor of the SUNY School System, Kristina Johnson, ended her 64- school tour today at Corning Community College. She tells WENY News these tours are important for her to keep improving on the SUNY System. 

"Well when I go to a campus I see things that are unique to that particular campus, but maybe could be scaled across the system. I often say that the purpose of being a part of a system is that the whole's gotta be greater than the some of the parts, but the parts have to be better for being part of the system," says Kristina Johnson, Chancellor of SUNY School System. 

During her tour, she was able to visit several building on campus while also checking out some new and improving facilities. Along the tour, she was also able to meet with the staff and students. 

"Well the thing that stuck out the most was seeing the students and seeing the student leaders, just amazing and their you know, I ask them what their going to do next and their going on to four year, their going into nursing, they seem to be focused and know what they want," says Johnson. 

President Bill Mullaney accompanied Johnson on her tour throughout the school. He says he was pleased to hear how excited the chancellor was to meet the students and see their dedication to the college. 

"It's a dream, I mean I've been working for community colleges for 20 years now and it's why I come to work every day. I mean I'm so excited to be in this field, to be spending my days helping these student because successful and achieving their dreams," says Bill Mullaney, President of Corning Community College. 

The Chancellor tells WENY News she takes in account everything happening at all of the colleges and if she finds something is note worthy at one -- she then tries to carry it over into all of the other schools to keep them on track for success.