ITHACA, N.Y.(WENY)-- Dennis Nayor has now been officially appointed as the Chief of Police for the Ithaca Police Department. Nayor has been with the IPD since 2018 after he had joined New York State Association of Chiefs of Police as director of research, development and training in 2017. Nayor has been the acting Chief of Police since Chief Pete Tyler retired in May of this year. Nayor wants nothing but improvement from his force from here on out and hopes to keep building a strong bond with the Ithaca Community throughout his time as Chief. 

"So as the Chief now, I really just want to expand on what's been built and what we've been working towards," Nayor tells WENY News. "We've been working on a lot of community out reach, a lot of collaboration, we're going to build bridges and we're going to try to find ways that we can become a national model for professional 21st century policing." 

WENY News asked Nayor what he plans on doing Monday, his first full day as Chief, and he said he will actually be in a training class for most of the day, but he has a lot of big plans for the future of the IPD.