Elmira, NY (WENY) -- A renowned Elmira artist and his wife unveiled their work, to the public in a new art gallery for the first time at Gallery 421 on West Church Street.

The gallery features over 50 pieces that includes paintings and sketches by artist Marc Rubin. The layout and space of the gallery was designed by his wife Penny DeRenzo.

Rubin, is known for his soulful, still-life renderings that pique viewers imaginations. Similar to Rembrandt, Rubin finds inspiration everywhere including relationships with everyday objects. A piece that hangs visible upon entering the gallery is of a baboon. Rubin was able to draw the real life baboon after seeing a stuffed one. Many of his paintings were sold late Friday night.

“When someone says they really love it or they can't wait to have it in their home and on a bad day they walk in front of the painting and it makes them feel better that's really wonderful.” said Rubin.

“I was hearing things from pockets up people saying that this is one more example of Elmira having this nice positive rebirth. And so for me that's nice to be a part of that.” said DeRenzo.

Rubin said if you missed Friday's gallery opening, you can access his work 10:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday by appointment.