Harrisburg, PA (WENY)-- A Pennsylvania House Democratic lawmaker has introduced another Bill to legalize recreational marijuana. This Bill also proposes an idea on how exactly to sell it. The proposal follows an extensive study conducted by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center concluded the legalization of marijuana would largely benefit the state, and is recommending cannabis be sold in state-owned stores.

“Pennsylvania state-owned liquor stores have well paid, well trained staff who have experience selling controlled substances, and insuring that young people do not get access to the product,” says Diana Paulson, Policy Analyst for the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.

Representative David Delloso, a Democrat from Delaware County, introduced a Bill similar to the Budget and Policy Center’s recommendations. House Bill 1899 would legalize recreational marijuana, and require it to be sold in state stores, where liquor and wine are currently sold. Rep. Delloso believes this would be a safe and responsible way to sell marijuana.

“A state store system that can protect our youth. A state store system that can properly distribute and educate is the way to go in Pennsylvania,” Rep. Delloso says.

The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center also discussed the benefits of legalizing recreational marijuana. They say it would create jobs, increase state revenue, and save the state approximately 20 million dollars a year on incarceration costs for marijuana-related offenses. Representative Jordan Harris (D-Philadelphia), a long-time proponent of legalizing marijuana, says there needs to be a provision that would benefit those convicted of such offenses in the past.

“No Bill should come forward unless we are having the conversation about how do we fix all of the harm that the prohibition of cannabis in this Commonwealth have done to people,” Rep. Harris explains.

House Bill 1899 was referred to the House Judiciary Committee at the end of September.