ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) -- There’s a push to crack down on hacking attacks, and beef up cybersecurity. Could the solution be on college campuses?

Sen. Chuck Schumer says it is as he pushes for training the next generation. It comes in the wake of a recent hack targeting the city of Albany.

The City of Albany got hit in March, and there was that herculean hack of Equifax impacting the personal info of 150 million people.

As CBS6 reported, the ransomware caused problems with the city's operating systems including the police and fire departments. The mess ended up costing about $300,000.

How can your information and money be protected? Schumer was at UAlbany on Monday to announce a pilot program to fund classes and training at four-year and community colleges across the SUNY system.

Schumer says it will serve as a feeder to the cyber workforce in the Capital Region with the goal of keeping all of us safe from hackers.

"The profound need for a robust pipeline of trained cybersecurity workers at the community college level, the four-year level, and the MA and PHD level is apparent,” Schumer said. “It's one of the things that's most needed in America."

Schumer says there's nearly 15,000 cybersecurity jobs available in New York state, so there's big demand. The median salary for an information security analyst with a degree is $115,000 per year.