MANSFIELD, PA (WENY) -- Mansfield's new President provided a "state of the university" address to students and faculty today. Dr. Charles Patterson, spoke about the accomplishments and what is to come for the university, which is part of the Pennsylvania state system. We caught up with Patterson to talk about some of those accomplishments for this year, like an increase in new enrollment.

"This year, we are one of the few institutions within the Pennsylvania system to actually have an increase in enrollment this year we have a 2% overall increase in enrollment and a 38% increase in first time freshman incoming, and selecting Mansfield University as their institution of choice," says Patterson.

We also spoke with Patterson on what plans the university has with the enrollment increase.

"The enrollment growth is actually very great for us. We've had some enrollment challenges in the past, but this year we are emerging from those challenges, and we'll be able to take this, this increase in enrollment if you will, and really help change the message about Mansfield University. It is an institution that is growing it's an institution of destination for first time freshman and that's what we are going to be carrying that message forward today." 

Dr. Patterson plans to enact a strategic plan that will go into effect immediately to help recruit from the state of Pennsylvania and beyond, and to help make education more affordable.