ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) -- Two Monroe County legislators are pushing to introduce a new piece of legislation that would make harassment of first responders and law enforcement officers a formal law.

On Tuesday afternoon, Legislators Karla Boyce and Kara Halstead announced their intent to bring up the bill at the Monroe County Legislature meeting on Tuesday evening.

The legislation would make harassment of police officers, peace officers and first responders an unclassified misdemeanor. The bill defines the harassment as conduct that "intends to annoy, alarm or threaten the personal safety" of those performing their official duties in situations where the harasser knows the person being harassed is a police or peace officer, or a first responder. A conviction could result in a maximum of one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

"It’s difficult to adequately thank them for the job that they do; however, as a County, we can ensure that they are being treated fairly, and take the appropriate precautions to prevent them from being harassed or threatened,” Halstead said.

In September, two EMT’s were attacked when they approached a vehicle on the side of Route 390, one was bitten. Just last month, Nassau County adopted a similar local law as a result of water being thrown on NYPD officers while on duty. A violation of this Law will result in an unclassified

The catalyst for the bill stems from several incidents, including one in September in which two people were arrested for attacking EMS workers in Rush.

Nassau County adopted similar legislation after NYPD officers had water thrown on them while they were on duty.

If the measure is considered, the bill would be introduced and tabled Tuesday night, then put up for a public hearing at the next legislature meeting on November 12.