ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) -- The widely used C Tran system is getting a little more modern. This week, Chemung County's public transit system, operated by 'First Transit' launched an app available for download which gives users a comprehensive platform to track the exact location of the bus they're looking to catch. 

It's called 'Ride C Tran' and aims to provide more information to customers, right at the palm of their hands. 

"The wonderful thing is it's now showing where the buses are in real-time so if you wanted to say take the Crosstown Route, which runs down Church and Water Street in Elmira, you can open the app, look and see where the bus actually is and if it's on time, if it's running late," says Nicolette Wagoner, Director of Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council 

Wagoner tells WENY News there are about 40 buses in the fleet right now. C-Tran runs throughout Chemung County and includes some communities in neighboring counties, too. 

"Our system is what is called a flag-stop system so we have some regular stops but we also have the ability, someone could just go out and...flag the bus down, they'll stop," says Wagoner. 

But what if you don't have a smartphone? There are still options to access necessary information, the traditional way. 
"People can call C-Tran and say, where's the bus, why's it not running; that's an option for people who might not have smartphones. But we're hoping that this [app] cuts down on those calls and gives people information that they have right in the palm of their hand," Wagoner explains.

Another upgrade earlier this year to the C Tran system was the implementation of a tokenless system, called the 'Smart Tap Card.' The new options for riders will also help provide the Transportation Council with additional data to help further enhancements for the entire ride experience.

"I would love to hear from the public if there's a place that's an obvious place where a shelter is needed...but we're hoping to use all this new data that we have to kind of figure out where those shelters could be placed most effectively," says Wagoner. 

The 'Ride C Tran' app is available for free download on Google and Apple devices. More information about the transit system can be found here: https://ridectran.com/en/