BATH, N.Y. (WENY) -- The case between chiropractor Jeremiah Wright, and his former client, Wendi Hammond, has wrapped up with both sides feeling like justice has been served. 

At points throughout the proceedings, Wright's wife could be seen crying; while Hammond was visibility shaking. After both sides had their closing statements, the jurors came back around 2:30PM with the verdict.

Wright faced charges of civil battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. For both claims he faced punitive damages. The jury said Wright was not liable for civil battery.They did find Wright engaged in sexual misconduct that showed disregard for Hammond's rights. However, they didn't believe Hammond suffered severe damages because of the misconduct.

All Wright's attorney, Kevin Huslander, had to say after the decision was reached was he felt justice prevailed. According to Hammond's attorney, Christina Sonsire, she feels the same way as the jury believed her client. 

"Money was not awarded in this case, but this case wasn't brought for money," said Sonsire. "It was brought because my client was wronged and she had the opportunity to walk in, to a court, have jurors listen to the evidence and they found that yes, Jeremiah Wright did engage in sexual misconduct that was done with an utter disregard for her rights."

Sonsire went on to say she's proud of how Hammond fought for herself. 

"I feel proud of her because she could've let this go anywhere along the line over the last three years and she didn't," said Sonsire. "She stood up for herself. It's a very difficult thing to make an allegation like this against a health care provider and she didn't back down and she stood up for herself every step of the way."

Wright was accused of inappropriately touching Hammond at his corning chiropractors office in 2016.