TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.(WENY)-- On April 6th, 2019, Two Ithaca Police Officers were allegedly hit and scratched while trying to take control an active situation on the commons. The IPD responded to a scene where there was an alleged groping incident between a man and a woman. As officers tried to handle the situation, a female on scene is accused of assaulting the officers. While initially charged with second degree assault, the charges were eventually dropped. The DA told WENY News he believed he made his decisions too quickly, but left all of the final ruling for the grand jury to decide. From there on, the Grand Jury moved to indict the woman in question., but the DA later dismissed the charges, after thoroughly reviewing the evidence. 

"Was justice accomplished?  I don't know.  That depends on who you ask.  But I am more than willing to engage in the difficult conversations that need to take place in order for our community to learn from this experience and I look forward to the community forum that the mayor promised would take place," says Matthew Van Housten, Tompkins County District Attorney. 

Mayor Svante Myrick has promised a community forum but, when WENY asked the DA if there was a date scheduled for this forum, he said there has been no other discussion on the matter from the mayor. 

You can click here for the officially body camera footage from that night. View Discretion is advised for strong language.