ELMIRA, N.Y. (WENY) - After a lot of hard work and million of dollars in upgrade, the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport renovation project is now in its final phase, and this latest project at the airport is happening on the outside.

Last November, the Elmira Corning Regional Airport finished up most of their $60 million project. However, there is still one last piece that will make the project officially complete, which is the parking lot. In exactly seven days, the Elmira Corning Regional Airport will finish up the last phase of their renovation project. 

"It's a new parking lot that holds 175 cars. So it adds about a 25 percent capacity to the 650 car lot that we're already have, which is long-term and short-term," says Tom Freeman, Director of Aviation for Corning Regional Airport. 

Next month will mark the one-year anniversary of the grand opening of the renovated terminal at ELM. Freeman says this parking lot project started roughly two months ago. However, it was in the design stage for a couple of years. Freeman says this extra parking is really needed, because this year alone the airports traffic is up about 12 percent. He says these new spaces will make a huge difference. 

"During the peak times of the year, we've had to use overflow lots and across the road, and park east or west of the terminal up to about a quarter mile away. So this will relieve all of that and people will continue to benefit from being able to park close to the terminal and walk right in," says Freeman. 

Freeman says with the holidays coming up that's when the airport usually sees an overflow of cars. With this new extra parking, they're about a month ahead of the big rush. The new parking lot is scheduled to open October 17th.